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PRIDE Abroad Studies Pvt. Ltd. is fully accredited company recognized by the Government of Nepal. PRIDE is led by liberal, trusting and unbiased educational professionals who have more than 4 yrs years of experience in the area of student counseling –Study Abroad programs in Austrila, USA, Canada & Germany.

PRIDE occupies 3rd Floor , in NMB Building in 32-Putalisadak, Kathmandu, an another prominent educational area of the Capital city.

We are currently working for student’s visa and its counseling in Austrila, USA, Canada & Germany. Basically we provide the language classes for the students willing to study in top ranked Universities in Austrila, USA, Canada & Germany. The surplus fact is that we have been able to work under many Colleges and Universities in Austrila, USA, Canada & Germany and we have collected a reputed name in the same field within a short time. It is our students and our joint effort to bring Pride Abroad Studies to this level. So as our motto says” Be proud to be a part of Pride” join us on today’s date for the excellent counseling and experience high level success to study in Austrila, USA, Canada & Germany. We are really seeking many students who are laborious, hard working and adoptive who can adopt themselves in this dynamic world. So let’s come upon together and establish an immerse bond upon ourselves and add another string to the broad World Student Net.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional programs and services to prospective Nepalese students who wish to obtain international degrees from Austrila, USA, Canada & Germany.
- Teaching German language by well speakers and trained instructors from Goethe Zentrum, Kathmandu.
- Recruiting ONLY qualified students for the represented colleges/universities by providing unbiased information.
- Promoting International Education and degrees so that Nepalese students can become skilled and globally competent.
- Find out the students eligible to study in Austrila, USA, Canada & Germany (laborious, hard working and financially sound).

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